Call for Participation

There are many areas where I could use help from experts to give me an idea on whether my idea would work. If you have expertise in any of the following questions please email me.  I will gladly attribute all comments and incorporate links to articles you have written. Here are some questions I have:

1. Freshwater Storage

1.1. What is the available volume in (partially) emptied aquifers?  Are there lists of locations and available capacities? Is it possible to replenish them? How is this done?

1.2. What is the available volume in (partially) emptied lakes and inland seas.

1.3. Are there other places in the world where we could store freshwater or saltwater on a massive scale? Emptied Oil and Gas fields?  Mines?  What are their capacities? How can they be filled?

2. Water Transportation

2.1. My gut feeling is that piping systems are too small and that we will need to build canals to move the water.  However, I could use some data.  What is the capacity of the largest available pipes to transport water? How much do these cost? How much energy does it take to pump this water? Can these pipes be laid undersea?

2.2. What systems exist to transport water over sea over large distances?  I have looked at oil tankers but their capacity is too small and their operating costs are too high.

3. Future Precipitation

3.1. I am looking for data on future precipitation. In what areas and what seasons do we expect the rainfall to increase dramatically.  In what areas do we expect the rainfall to decrease dramatically.

4. Hydrological Cycle

4.1. For each freshwater storage means such aquifers, ice volumes, lakes, groundwater, streams, organisms, and clouds, how long does it store its water content.  What percentage of the water is returned to the oceans in how much time (in what climate).

4.2. How much water is ‘stored’ in plants and animals. On average, for different plant and animal species, for how long?

4.3. If water evaporates in a warm dry region, say in sub-Saharan Africa, what percentage will still fall as rain on land and what percentage will fall as rain at sea and be lost for our purpose.

5. Climate

5.1. If we convert arid regions in greenbelts, what is the effect on the CO2 levels?  To what extent can we replace the loss of cleaning capacity from the loss of the rain forests by creating agriculture in arid regions?

6. Projects

6.1. What projects are currently underway to restore freshwater repositories. How much water volume is going to be stored by what year?

6.2. I’d like to create a list of projects, and an estimate of their costs and benefits (diverted amount of water for how much time, other benefits).

7. Organizations

7.1. I’d like to create a list of organizations that are interested in this subject to raise awareness.