Disclaimer from the Author

I am not a water expert, I am an inventor and software developer.† My background is in architecture and software development, not in water technology.† I have a Masters degree in Architecture from the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands. I have worked in software development for the last twenty years, mostly in the US.† I am currently CTO of Moonshadow eCommerce, Inc., an Internet company that provides online stores for book, music and video retailers. I hold four patents for Internet related technology. Technology developed by me has been licensed to hundreds of software companies, including some of the largest in the world.

I am not part of the world of scientists that study solutions to the rising sea levels and I donít know if others have come up with the same simple idea of keeping water out of the oceans.† If so, please email me links, Iíd like to read these articles and post the links on this site. All I know about water is from the articles and data that I have found on the Internet.

My idea is very simple: lower future sea levels by keeping water out of the oceans. If ideas are so simple I always have a nagging doubt; it is never that simple.† Will this work?† Of course, if we can keep water out of the oceans permanently, we will reduce the rise in sea levels.† I donít see what could be wrong with that statement.† It is also possible to divert water on a massive scale.† However, can we keep water that has been diverted out of the oceans permanently or long enough to matter.† This I donít know and this is one of the areas where I could use some help from experts.